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Introducing HEI Youth Hub

HEI Youth Hub

They say youth are leaders of tomorrow but at Health Emergency Initiative (HEI), we believe that youths are leaders of now so we embrace the involvement of youths in our programs. Apart from equipping them with the lifesaving First Responders skills, in November 2019, we also had a medical awareness outreach in partnership with National […]


post crash care

Death itself is a painful phenomenon but it is more painful to realise that these deaths could have been prevented, hence the need to enhancing effective post-crash care. As much as no one wills or hopes to be victim of accidents, yet there are victims of different accidents and road traffic accidents daily.Traffic crashes are […]


HEI safety tips

It’s the festive season, year 2019 is happily winding up and there are different mega shows springing up to celebrate the close of the year’s activities. As much as you would like to socialise and have fun in this season, please stay safe . Don’t get carried away with the crowd’s merry making to the […]

HEI pays for Patient’s Surgery

HEI pays for surgery

If you’ve ever had a toothache or any issues with your dentition, you will understand the excruciating pain of a 29 years old man who was diagnosed of ameloblastoma to the right mandible at Federal Medical Centre Ebute-Metta and he needed surgery. As severe as the pain was, there was no money to treat the […]


HEI depression reduces

It is no gainsaying that health is wealth. Health goes beyond fitness of the body. It is the complete state of the body, mind and every other human component. However, everyday life challenges can make you lose the wholeness of your health even without realizing it. The good news is that you have been equipped […]


Happy World Mental Health Day! 2019’s theme of World Mental Health Day is “Suicide Prevention”. Research reveals that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression are highly prevalent among survivors of road traffic accidents’ victims. A practical instance is one of Health Emergency Initiative’s beneficiaries who is currently a female patient at LASUTH. She was involved […]


Following the previous post on “ Impact of Effective Emergency Response”, we promised to keep you updated on what can you do to have coordinated effort with speed and accuracy during emergency response, without  requirements of being certified. There are 3 basic Cs you can follow through in an emergency situation.The three Cs are: Check, […]


‘Your son is suffering from intestinal obstruction’ Dr Emeka informed Mrs Orji who some 30 minutes ago returned from Oyingbo market where she sells second-hand clothes’ when her son,  Junior, a 16 years old boy was rushed home from the football pitch where he was practising football with his teammates and Coach. His Coach explained […]

BRT And Dangote Truck Accident

BRT And Dangote Truck Accident Are you aware that no fewer than 59 passengers in a fully loaded bus belonging to the Bus Rapid Transport scheme sustained varying degrees of injury on Tuesday when the vehicle collided with a Dangote cement truck on Ikorodu Road, Lagos State? 7 critically injured passengers were rushed to LASUTH […]

Pay Attention To The Road

“I never saw him!” is the most common excuse used after an accident. But come on, it wasn’t that the other vehicle (or person or electric pole) was invisible. Numerous accidents happen because a driver does not pay attention to what is happening on the road. Any vehicle, immaterial of its size can be the […]