HEI membership cuts across people from different sphere/location of the world; in academics, finance, entrepreneurs, students, private sector, governmental organisations,etc.We cherish the hearts that are willing to to serve and make a positive impacts in the world with their little quota.  

HEI has put in place international standard, reporting, accounting and auditing systems which engender confidence in our systems and operations with robust corporate governance.

Members can also share experiences on the health emergency system, organize fundraising events to support HEI work, support our national campaigns, and become automatic volunteers.



our members are the pillars helping us to save lives and bless humanity. YOUR DONATION AS A MEMBER HELPS US TO:

HEI, Health Emergency Initiative

Provides quick and instant financial assistance for indigent patients who are unable to provide immediate funds necessary to undergo treatment and preliminary hospitalization 

Provides short-term assistance to accident victims in need of emergency medical care but cannot afford to pay the bills or whose families have not yet been reached

Provides help to the most indigent communities and help in providing prompt healthcare  to vulnerable patients in emergency situations.

HEI basically supports in the provision of primary healthcare to indigent patients; women, children, men of all ages and sizes