Following the previous post on “ Impact of Effective Emergency Response”, we promised to keep you updated on what can you do to have coordinated effort with speed and accuracy during emergency response, without  requirements of being certified.

There are 3 basic Cs you can follow through in an emergency situation.The three Cs are: Check, Call and Care.


Before you start to rescue anyone, please ensure that the accident scene is safe for you. Consider your safety first. When you are sure the accident area is safe for you, you can then move on to check the victim for life-threatening conditions such as:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Laboured or obstructed breathing
  • Severe bleeding
  • Loss of circulation

After you have checked the victim(s), call emergency agencies, 112 and 767 (Lagos Emergency Numbers) or 122 (FRSC Emergency Numbers). Be calm, and be prepared to give a description of the situation as well as the exact location where emergency responders are needed.



Based on the level of training you have and the equipment and supplies available, provide what care you can until medical personnel arrive. Remember; DO NOT attempt CPR or other techniques without the proper training.


These 3 C’s will help you have coordinated effort with speed and accuracy during emergency response while you await professional emergency responders or medical personnel. Do you want to know how to actively save lives during emergency that your response to a victim can double or triple effect of increasing an accident victim’s chances of survival then sign up here for the First Responders’ Training coming up soon. You can also EMERGE with us as a donor or volunteer.

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