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Anaemic patients received Medical Interventions

medical interventions

The prevalence of anaemia. Pa David (not real name), an old man in his sixties was admitted to one of the public hospitals in Lagos with diagnosis of severe anaemia. He needed financial assistance to access further medical treatment but he nor his family members afford the needed funds. The medical social worker was informed […]

We Move! It’s a New Year

HEI Team

Happy New Year!!! Looking back at the past year, Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) is thankful for every impactful stride and milestone made and we do not take for granted the gesture of service and love that everyone who walked with HEI has contributed to fulfilling and expanding HEI’s lifesaving frontiers.Here are some of HEI’s highlights […]

Against all Hope


Against all hope believed in hope. Welcome to November of recovery. Just like a newly delivered mother forgets the pains and travails of labour and basks in the overwhelming joy and fulfilment of the birth of a new born baby, so will you experience remarkable goodness that rubs off the pains/losses of the past from […]

Travails of a Nation


Travails of a nation, birthing a new Nigeria How a peaceful protest turned out to be sabotaged and bloody is an event that remains stuck in Nigeria’s history. Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) as a non-profit organisation that works and prays for the good of Nigeria and her people commiserates with individuals, organisation who had records […]

Saving Lives of Accident Victims

Sterling Bank partners with HEI

How Sterling Bank and HEI are saving lives of accident victims. Many citizens are dying daily on Nigerian roads due to their poor state and sometimes the recklessness of drivers. Some have also died or become permanently scarred due to lack of immediate medical assistance and financial resources for treatment. In a bid to change […]

The Ravaging Disease Called ‘Sepsis’


Sepsis remains one of the most common diseases of the neonatal period and is still a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. As much as 40% of under-five deaths globally occur in the neonatal period, resulting in 3 million new-born deaths each year. The vast majority of these deaths usually occur in low-income […]

What Else Do You Want To END?

End Sars

It has been an eventful week nationwide as the END SARS protest sweeps through different parts of the country. It is clear that Nigerians have been pushed to the wall and in recourse a unanimous protest seeking to stop police brutality and lawlessness unwaveringly happened. There is no limit to the power of united voices […]

Nip Sepsis in the Bud


David is a 5-year old boy who was diagnosed with sepsis and HEI was contacted to assist with his medical treatment because his mother could not afford to pay for his treatment. After the boy had been treated at the hospital and discharged, he had relapse. This is because David didn’t get quick medical treatment […]

Let us Nip Sepsis in the Bud


Recently, HEI was called to help provide financial assistance for the medical treatment of a 2-weeks old baby that was diagnosed with Sepsis. Are you are surprised that a two-week-old baby could have Sepsis? We were too until another social worker at other hospitals reached out seeking assistance for a 17-year-old girl who had a […]