That none should die...

Post-crash care

Road traffic accident has been reported as the biggest killer of youth in Nigeria. Nigeria has been losing a portion of her productive population to needless deaths. Health Emergency Initiative hereby provides post-crash care to road traffic emergency victims

The aim of post-crash care is to avoid preventable death and disability, limit the severity of the injury and the suffering caused by it, and ensure the crash survivor’s best possible recovery and reintegration into society. The way in which persons injured in road traffic crashes are treated following a crash determines their chances and the quality of survival.

The “Golden hour” which is the first few minutes/hour is an important determinant of the road traffic accident victims’ survival.

The “Golden hour” is golden to HEI too, hence we emerge to save the emergency victims’ lives with swift provision of funds. You can join us in the provision of post-crash care with of emergency funds, support PROJECT 1 MILLION and let’s reach out more to prevent needless deaths.

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) over the past 5 years has been diligently providing financial assistance to indigent/vulnerable patients in public hospitals.

HEI upholds THAT NONE SHOULD DIE and we work closely with Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)  to ensure that swift financial assistance is provided to road traffic accident victims in order to provide post-crash care to the emergency victims.

Here is FRSC Sector Commander Lagos State, CC Hyginus Omeje speaking about how HEI has impacted the society and helped in ensuring resuscitation and stabilisation of road traffic accidents victims.

that none should die

HEI provides post crash care to road accident victims and functions as their NEXT OF KIN by swiftly providing funds needed for emergency medical treatment to resuscitate and stabilise these emergency victims


Post Crash Care