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post crash care

Death itself is a painful phenomenon but it is more painful to realise that these deaths could have been prevented, hence the need to enhancing effective post-crash care. As much as no one wills or hopes to be victim of accidents, yet there are victims of different accidents and road traffic accidents daily.Traffic crashes are […]


HEI depression reduces

It is no gainsaying that health is wealth. Health goes beyond fitness of the body. It is the complete state of the body, mind and every other human component. However, everyday life challenges can make you lose the wholeness of your health even without realizing it. The good news is that you have been equipped […]



Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) since its inception has been fully committed to providing succor to indigent patients by saving their lives and their beautiful dreams. One of the beneficiaries of HEI’s success story is Mr Gbagi Omotayo, a 55 years old man who was diagnosed with femoral fracture at Alimosho General Hospital, Igando. He had been […]

BRT And Dangote Truck Accident

BRT And Dangote Truck Accident Are you aware that no fewer than 59 passengers in a fully loaded bus belonging to the Bus Rapid Transport scheme sustained varying degrees of injury on Tuesday when the vehicle collided with a Dangote cement truck on Ikorodu Road, Lagos State? 7 critically injured passengers were rushed to LASUTH […]

Learn to do more than taking pictures at an accident scene

      At every scene of an accident victim(s) involved needs urgent attention. Let us learn to do more than taking pictures, call an ambulance or the rescue team. Lagos State Emergency Helpline: 112 & 767. FRSC Emergency Helpline 122

Intervention Update – The Julius Family

We visited the Julius Family on Monday like we have been doing since the incident to check on the wellbeing of Testimony and his parents. To the glory of God, he is recuperating and the burns are healing. It is still a long road ahead for him to fully recover but God has been faithful. […]

Giving comes with great inner joy

We all feel delighted when we receive gifts. Our lives are richer when we share, and that great inner joy comes from helping others to better their lives. Make an indigent patient smile, today! To support contact us via: Tel: 07063985777, 08035766767 Email: info@hei.org.ng Website: www.hei.org.ng

Fire Incident – The Family of Mr & Mrs Julius (A must read for every home)

We had a very tragic and horrific situation Last week. Mr. and Mrs. Julius lost three out of their four children in a very pathetic and dehumanizing manner. Their mother had left the four children aged between 1 year to 5years to buy foodstuffs in the neighborhood. Before going, she lit a candle as there […]

HEI intervened in another indigent case

Intervention Update: A victim was picked up around the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja on Wednesday. He sustained fracture on both legs and mild head injury. He was rushed to the nearest government hospital by an ambulance. Upon arrival at the hospital, he had to make payments for treatment to be administered. At that point, he had […]

HEI Launched Its USSD Code for easy donation

  We are proud to unveil our USSD code. This makes it so much easier to donate, save a life and put a smile on the face of an indigent patient. Just dial *737*35*amount*9527# to donate as little #500. Universal codes for donating on other bank platforms coming soon.