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House on Fire; Can You Help?

First Responders

A house was on fire, the fire service were alerted and were on their way to the emergency scene but a man in his vehicle for no justifiable reason blocked the way and hindered the fire service emergency responders from driving through. Eventually, the man obliged to give way for them to go through while […]


Safety tips Fire for Fire

Have you ever been involved in a fire accident? Rather have you witnessed fire rage before? Then you are aware that fire emergency is no joke; the labour of donkey years can be devoured within minutes of fire emergency. Last week Wednesday, 12th February 2020 there was a fire accident at Magodo, Lagos. The fire […]


Fire accident survivor

On the 6th of August 2019, a family had a fire accident that led to the loss of 3 children amidst 4 children.  The only surviving child is a 5 year old boy, the first child of the family Testimony Julius who hid inside the fridge while the fire engulfed his younger siblings helplessly. The […]

Fire Incident – The Family of Mr & Mrs Julius (A must read for every home)

We had a very tragic and horrific situation Last week. Mr. and Mrs. Julius lost three out of their four children in a very pathetic and dehumanizing manner. Their mother had left the four children aged between 1 year to 5years to buy foodstuffs in the neighborhood. Before going, she lit a candle as there […]