Recently, HEI was called to help provide financial assistance for the medical treatment of a 2-weeks old baby that was diagnosed with Sepsis. Are you are surprised that a two-week-old baby could have Sepsis? We were too until another social worker at other hospitals reached out seeking assistance for a 17-year-old girl who had a miscarriage that was caused by Sepsis. Judging from the medical complications, she needed urgent medical attention, but her family had no funds to cater for the medical bills.

Recognising that the society at large cannot be left to survive on its own, HEI figures that there is a bit that every member of the society can do to helping one another survive. Some of the systems that are efficiently active in advanced countries are not solely left to the purview of government. There are organisations, associations, individuals that voluntarily takes up the baton of helping to make their society a better place.

Realising that life is a shared responsibility helps to make living more beautiful and fulfilling. Doing your bit of being the reason someone smiles, or lives is an impactful responsibility that no one should deny or resist as long as we keep breathing.

If life will get any better, then it is high time you realise that it begins with you.

Over and over, HEI keeps getting records of sepsis diagnosed patients and we realised that the prompt medical treatment of sepsis is very important. If not promptly treated, it often results to cognitive/mental deformity in the patients. And so, our society keeps losing beautiful dreams with rough beginnings.

Let us give these ones a chance to live and fulfil their dreams, your bit matters. To support, use the USSD code *402*82289909*AMOUNT# and together let’s nip sepsis in the bud.

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