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The Ravaging Disease Called ‘Sepsis’ II


The spectrum of organisms that causes sepsis changes over time and varies from country to country and this is in turn due to local patterns of antibiotic used. While any type of infection, bacterial, viral or fungal can lead to sepsis, the most likely varieties include: Pneumonia Infection of the digestive system (which includes organs […]

The Ravaging Disease Called ‘Sepsis’


Sepsis remains one of the most common diseases of the neonatal period and is still a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. As much as 40% of under-five deaths globally occur in the neonatal period, resulting in 3 million new-born deaths each year. The vast majority of these deaths usually occur in low-income […]

Nip Sepsis in the Bud


David is a 5-year old boy who was diagnosed with sepsis and HEI was contacted to assist with his medical treatment because his mother could not afford to pay for his treatment. After the boy had been treated at the hospital and discharged, he had relapse. This is because David didn’t get quick medical treatment […]

Let us Nip Sepsis in the Bud


Recently, HEI was called to help provide financial assistance for the medical treatment of a 2-weeks old baby that was diagnosed with Sepsis. Are you are surprised that a two-week-old baby could have Sepsis? We were too until another social worker at other hospitals reached out seeking assistance for a 17-year-old girl who had a […]

Emergency in Nigeria’s Public Health


Emergency on Nigeria’s public health. Before Covid-19, Nigeria’s economy was already slippery, Covid-19 came upon us and the country is presently languishing in pre- Covid-19 and Covid-19 economic implications. The stats don’t lie, while Covid-19 is in a league of its own rampaging the world, our society is sadly being devoured by less threatening illnesses.  […]

How do i know that i’m suffering from Sepsis

According to Health line, there are three stages of sepsis: sepsis, severe sepsis and sepsis shock. Sepsis Symptoms of sepsis include: Increased heart rate/pulse. – Fever with chills – Rapid breathing rate – unusual levels of sweating Severe Sepsis This occurs when vital organs have been affected and it is evident when you observe: – […]

Sepsis – Everyone is susceptible to infection

Are you predisposed to Sepsis? Everyone is susceptible to infection and virtually any infection and certain can result in Sepsis, according to Center for Disease Control. Bacteria infections, particularly those caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and some Streptococcus species. have been recorded as the highest cause of Sepsis. Sepsis is prevalent among children below […]

Sepsis-About 3 million children suffer from its death…

Did you know that Sepsis, a frequently under-diagnosed health challenge, accounts for about 3 million deaths every year? #WHO2018Report Among the medical interventions given to children in Lagos government hospitals by Health Emergency Initiative, Septicemia cases accounts for about 65%. Sepsis is a life threatening ailment particularly among the pediatric age. Contrary to popular beliefs […]