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Emergency in Nigeria’s Public Health


Emergency on Nigeria’s public health. Before Covid-19, Nigeria’s economy was already slippery, Covid-19 came upon us and the country is presently languishing in pre- Covid-19 and Covid-19 economic implications. The stats don’t lie, while Covid-19 is in a league of its own rampaging the world, our society is sadly being devoured by less threatening illnesses.  […]


  Meningitis is fast becoming a major cause of morbidity among the pediatric age group. In the month of May, 3 out of the 4 cases HEI intervened in at a government hospital had meningitis and worse of all, the parents of these children were impoverished and could not pay the bills. Thankfully, when HEI […]

A 6-Year-Old Girl, Diagnosed with Malaria and Meningitis

A couple of months ago, a 6-year-old girl, diagnosed with Malaria and Meningitis at Massey Street Children Hospital, struggled between life and death without any hope of being treated because of her parents’ financial challenge. The parents who had combed all the neighborhood, in search of funds, but to no avail, sat wearied beside the […]