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Thank You!

Its been 3 years since the establishment of this noble organization- Health Emergency Initiative for indigent patients. And we have spread our tentacles to about 23 public hospitals providing medical assistance and support to indigent patients, and road accident victims. Our sincere appreciation goes to all our sponsors, partners and members who have contributed both […]

Health Care Status in Nigeria

Access to health care still remains a major problem in our country today. True, WHO, UNICEF, and some other organizations have made tremendous contributions in improving health yet the progress is not even. A great percentage of poorest population still cannot afford the basic medical care and even those of them who pay for the […]


#PEDESTRIANS Do you know you can save your own life by obeying #traffic rules? Don’t be ignorant, safety first! a. Make use of zebra crossing whenever you are on the road b. Use the pedestrian overhead #bridge whenever you want to cross the high way c. When walking on the road use the pedestrian walkway […]

Death has no cure!

Do you know that road transportation is one of the most active services in the world? Thousands of people use the road daily compared to other means of transportation. Road transportation has safety rules for its proper use, yet record still shows that more than hundreds of people die daily from road accidents. Despite improved […]

Road and it’s stories

#LagosRoad Thousands of people use the road every day; some convey themselves to there destination in a four (4) wheeled vehicle, tricycle, motorcycle and on foot. As wonderful as it is every means of transportation has it safety measure that is to be followed but yet records still show that the highest number of death […]

NHIS debacle: How citizens are condemned to death in Nigerian hospitals

FOUR-YEAR-OLD, Sophia (not real name) had been complaining of cold for about two days but her father gave her Paracetamol tablets expecting the fever to subside. When her condition grew worse,  he took her to the hospital and she was admitted to the pediatric unit of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, (LUTH). After diagnosis,  he […]

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) team met with the CMD and other staff at LASUTH

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) team met with the CMD and other staff at LASUTH. It was wonderful meeting with you and your staff sir, we say a very big thank you as we work together to save more lives.  

Save a Life

Dear all, I am part of Health Emergency Initiative ( HEI ) committed to providing support and assistance to indigent patients in the public health institution. Please see hereunder an overview of its activities in recent years: Some of the challenges of health care in developing countries especially Nigeria are inequalities in health distribution, poorly […]