Dear all, I am part of Health Emergency Initiative ( HEI ) committed to providing support and assistance to indigent patients in the public health institution. Please see hereunder an overview of its activities in recent years:

Some of the challenges of health care in developing countries especially Nigeria are inequalities in health distribution, poorly structured health insurance system, the high cost of medical care and out of pocket payment amongst others. Premised on this, many people living in the country have found it very difficult to access health care even at serious medical conditions. Many sick clients who are not able to afford the medical bills prefer going to religious homes, patronizing untrained medical professionals, rely on herbal and traditional medicines to going to hospitals. The consequences are increased mortalities and morbidities. To help the indigent access health care, reduce their financial burden and improve their quality of life, the HEI was created.

The Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) is a Non-Governmental Organisation registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a group of passionate individuals who completely dislike the manner in which children from indigent parents die in most hospitals within the country. The vision was borne when it was discovered that parent of a child admitted into one of the hospitals within the country could not afford about N5000 (equivalent $14) for medical prescriptions and as the result, the child died within days.
It was also discovered that many critically injured road accident victims were exposed to avoidable deaths as many of the public health institutions were unwilling to treat them due to the absence of initial deposit required to commence resuscitation.
HEI operates by members pooling their individual funds into a dedicated account. Members are free to deposit into the HEI account any amount of their choice without compulsion or coercion. This account is managed following strict quality management principles, lean concepts, and accountability. Within a very short period of her existence, pooled funds have amounted to hundreds of thousands to millions of naira.

Based on the positive impact which the Group has made within her short period of existence on the lives of several indigent patients admitted either at the primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities, membership has grown to hundreds of passionate people with the same vision. The outcome of this initiative has been very impressive. Some of which are:-
Children who ordinarily would have died from their medical challenges have been cured, discharged and went home; thereby putting smiles on the faces of their parents. Bills which ordinary led to keeping many patients in medical detention have been paid and the concerned patients discharged home. Expensive drugs have been purchased for parents who could not afford the same for their children and medical outcomes altered positively.
And critically injured road accident victims stabilized and resuscitated.

In appreciation of these interventions, top hospital management of various hospitals have written and appreciated the organization for her great impact on the lives of the indigent hospital clients.
Reducing mortalities among indigent population especially among people living in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) is a clarion call for all passionate individuals and organizations.

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Phone Number: 08155554459, 08035766767

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Health Emergency Initiative (HEI)

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