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Emergency Response in Nigeria

  Road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of people age 5-29. WHO 2018 report highlighted that the annual road traffic accident death as reached 1.3 million. We need to take back our road. We are about to bridge the gap by training exceptional First Responders in the bid to save more lives. Click […]

Death has no cure!

Do you know that road transportation is one of the most active services in the world? Thousands of people use the road daily compared to other means of transportation. Road transportation has safety rules for its proper use, yet record still shows that more than hundreds of people die daily from road accidents. Despite improved […]

HEI was well represented at the FRSC Special Marshal Program

Health Emergency Initiative was well represented at the FRSC Special Marshal Program on Saturday 12th, January 2019. HEI representative spoke on intervention that HEI carried out in numbers and beneficiaries testimony. HEI has intervened in over 340 emergency case in the past 48 months. In her speech, she unveils the First Responders Scheme and how […]