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First Responder’s Training

    The biggest First Responder’s Training is happening soon in Lagos…Anticipate! Register Now https://bit.ly/2UJWtdI    

A building collapsed at Itafaji, housing a school and other residents

A building located at 63, Massey Street, Off Itafaji Lagos collapsed yesterday. The building housed a school which occupied the second floor and other residents on other floors. The pupils of the school were getting into the day’s activities proper and scores of residents were home when the building collapsed. The rescue team and residents […]

Death has no cure!

Do you know that road transportation is one of the most active services in the world? Thousands of people use the road daily compared to other means of transportation. Road transportation has safety rules for its proper use, yet record still shows that more than hundreds of people die daily from road accidents. Despite improved […]

The Next Sit to the Driver!

#The Next Sit to the Driver! Miss Nana’s owambe party is a must to attend…Friends of different category got to the park to board a bus to Miss Nana’s party; people struggled to sit on the seat next to the driver, luckily Beauty secured the seat for herself. She has targeted to sit next to the […]