Fire accident survivor

On the 6th of August 2019, a family had a fire accident that led to the loss of 3 children amidst 4 children.  The only surviving child is a 5 year old boy, the first child of the family Testimony Julius who hid inside the fridge while the fire engulfed his younger siblings helplessly. The parents were financially incapable to commence treatment for the children who were victims of fire accident so Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) stepped in to help fight for the children’s lives but it was only Testimony that managed to escape death as a result of the fire accident.

Health Emergency Initiative is glad that Testimony is recuperating rapidly and would soon be discharged. It is more exciting to know that through HEI’s contact, someone has indicated interest to help the Julius family secure accommodation as their former place of abode got gutted with fire and Testimony was also awarded scholarship.

Following this update, HEI implores members of the society to be concerned about one another’s safety, let us watch out for ourselves; that NONE SHOULD DIE. Neighbours should be at alert to help one another in cases of accidents because your one-minute swift response in an emergency can go a long way in saving lives and retaining beautiful dreams.

You are always welcome to join Health Emergency Initiative by donation or volunteer as we EMERGE in emergencies to save lives just as we helped save Testimony Julius’s life.

Stay safe and be alert to help others.

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