#The Next Sit to the Driver!
Miss Nana’s owambe party is a must to attend…Friends of different category got to the park to board a bus to Miss Nana’s party; people struggled to sit on the seat next to the driver, luckily Beauty secured the seat for herself. She has targeted to sit next to the driver because she did not want any co-passenger to rumple her elegant dress of gradient colors.
The driver got into the bus prepared to leave the bus stop for their destination, Beauty pulled her elegant wear together and closed the door. On the highway, the drove ferociously, competing to overtake a trailer.
Peereereeehhhh… Beauty’s dress!
The tip of Beauty’s wear was left hanging outside the bus after she shut the door, it hooked the part of the trailer and the wear was destroyed…
Double check your positioning and other safety measures when in a vehicle…If it were to be that it was the seat belt of the vehicle that was hooked by the trailer in the place of beauty’s elegant dress it might have strangulated her to death.
#SafetyFirst #StaySafe

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