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Revamping Nigeria’s Health Care System

Primary healthcare

Health is no respecter of persons. “Our dad was sick around 9-10 pm, we rushed him to the Teaching Hospital. To my surprise, we couldn’t find a single doctor. None of the consultants was around. Once they tell them a patient is around, they disappear thinking such person is a Covid 19 patient. We couldn’t […]

LIFE HAPPENS: HEI Assists the Abandoned

HEI Assists Abandoned Stomach Cancer Patient

Life happens’ this has become a generic clause to describe unpleasant situations but the subject of this clause cannot really describe the situation with two words because the pain runs deeper than what can be summarised with just two words. Mr Rufus is a sad subject of ‘Life happens’, presently going through the excruciating pain […]


Global Emergency: Corona Virus

  It is no longer news that there is an ongoing global emergency situation around the world most especially in China, US and its surroundings, which is the pandemic Corona Virus. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Corona viruses are a large family of viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses such […]


HEI,primary healthcare in emergency response

    A primary health care approach is an essential foundation for health emergency and risk management in building resilient health system in a community. Emergency unfolds in diverse ways and one of the many ways the average Nigerian experiences  emergency situation is when the basic needs of life becomes scarce or unavailable at the […]