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Cancer Awareness Day: Nigerians are strong and surprisingly unaffected

Nigerians are strong and unexpectedly unaffected by Cancer is a false statement. Cancer has remained top of the list of ailments that are indiscriminately reducing the well-being and wholeness of persons across the world, particularly, in developing countries like Nigeria.  In Nigeria, cancer leads to over,000 deaths per annum( 30924 for men and 40 647 […]

LIFE HAPPENS: HEI Assists the Abandoned

HEI Assists Abandoned Stomach Cancer Patient

Life happens’ this has become a generic clause to describe unpleasant situations but the subject of this clause cannot really describe the situation with two words because the pain runs deeper than what can be summarised with just two words. Mr Rufus is a sad subject of ‘Life happens’, presently going through the excruciating pain […]