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Save a life with CPR

  CPR means cardiopulmonary resuscitation also called controlled pressure respiration. CPR is a lifesaving medical procedure performed on someone who has a cardiac arrest/ heart attack in order to help the heart pump blood. Performing CPR to an unconscious person/cardiac arrest patient almost immediately increases the patient’s chances for survival. Learn these CPR steps now […]


  Meningitis is fast becoming a major cause of morbidity among the pediatric age group. In the month of May, 3 out of the 4 cases HEI intervened in at a government hospital had meningitis and worse of all, the parents of these children were impoverished and could not pay the bills. Thankfully, when HEI […]

Temitope was treated without paying any hospital bill…

I just could not contain my joy when HEI came to my rescue and saved me from despair. As a poor woman of 40, battling with both financial and health issues, I work into the wee hours to earn a meagre that is barely sufficient to cater for my needs and those of my kids. […]