Accident warrant emergency response and the absence of effective emergency response can lead to loss of lives as with the case of the three children of the Julius family who died as a result of fire accident.
In as much as no one prays or wants accident to occur we cannot live in denial of the importance of effective emergency response hence, watch out for this space for some life saving insights to achieve effective emergency response.

Emergency response involves coordinated response to sudden and dangerous occurrence. The purpose of an emergency response procedure is to reduce the impact of the unexpected, bad event on people and the environment. Emergency situations can range from natural disasters to hazardous materials problems, transportation incidents, home accidents, workplace accident, there could even be accident occurrences in social gatherings like party, malls, church/mosque etc.

It is important to note that response time also known as ‘Golden hour’ is a crucial aspect of effective emergency response when life can be lost or saved within split of seconds. This refers to how long it takes emergency responders to arrive at the scene of an emergency after the emergency response system has been activated. A long response time can result in increased and permanent damage, a higher likelihood of fatalities, and greater distress to those involved. Therefore, response time is often used as a yardstick for the effectiveness of an emergency response. Coordinated efforts, speed and accuracy is needed to make emergency response effective.

Ok, now you know how important response time is but what happens while waiting for medical personnel to take over emergency situations? What can you do to have coordinated effort with speed and accuracy during emergency response? I am sure you want to know so that you can help save lives during emergency. Watch out for our next post while you can EMERGE with us today either as a volunteer or donor.

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