It’s the weekend and after the hustle and bustle of the week days, you still have a nudge that you have not done enough. You might have the nudge to make impact in your society, community but you don’t even know what exactly to do or have a clue on how to go about making impact and touch lives. Here are some tips to guide you through to contributing to make the world a better place

  • Know Your Burdens: Your society has myriad of needs and you can’t possibly solve it all. So, you have to check deep within you, among all the myriad of needs in your society which really bothers you or burdens your heart more than anything. That thing that could make your heart so heavy that you feel the whole world is hanging on you might be your assignment to your community. Don’t forget “To thyself be true”.
  • Have an Action Plan: Understand the community’s perception of the issue or problems you intend to solve and its potential solutions. Make the necessary findings needed so that you will be equipped with the right information and be able to really relate with community’s problems. Also, remember you intend to help solve a societal problem so it is not for only you to solve, allow other people who share the same burden with you join you in the planning process, no man can thrive sustainably as an island.


  • Just Start: Start from where you are and with what you have. Allow the process of growth that your scope of solution broadens steadily, you don’t have to work to the community’s problems broadens steadily. Build consensus on what can and should be done based on the community’s unique assets and needs. Start by using the willing available people who are ready to support and the other resources to proffering solutions to the identified community’s problem.


  • Allow Integration: This is to re-emphasise the conclusive sentence in “Have an action plan”, because you got the idea of proffering solution to a communal problem does not bestow on you the “Alpha and Omega” of the team. Allow the integration of other people ideas and resources to enhance the execution of the solutions you intend to proffer. Specify concrete ways in which members of the community coalition can take action in helping your course.


If you have a burden to help save lives and protect beautiful dreams then Health Emergency Initiative is a platform you need to be part of. A non-governmental organisation where you can contribute your quota to making the world a better place as we focus on emerging in emergencies to save lives of indigent patients. You can donate or volunteer.

Enjoy your weekend!


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