I just could not contain my joy when HEI came to my rescue and saved me from despair. As a poor woman of 40, battling with both financial and health issues, I work into the wee hours to earn a meagre that is barely sufficient to cater for my needs and those of my kids. Two months ago when I visited the general hospital for a medical checkup – as I usually do every fortnight to keep an eye on my escalating blood pressure- I knew life was slowly ebbing out of me when the doctor announced to me that my BP was at a critical level and that I needed to run some tests (X-ray and ECG) and buy some prescribed drugs urgently. His words sent shivers down my spine, the atmosphere turned gloomy beckoning clouds of hopelessness. I was lost in the thoughts of where on earth I could get the money to foot all these bills when HEI took up my case. Their arrival brought hope and calmness the lifelong burden I have singly borne. They showed heartfelt concern for me and shouldered all my medical expenses.

HEI, I am most grateful for all you’ve done; not only did you save me from the expenses, my health has also been perfectly restored.

This is the testimony from one of our beneficiaries and it’s solely as a result of the donations made by kind-hearted individuals and prestigious organizations.

You can make a difference in someone’s life today; donate to save a life!
Click to donate: https://hei.org.ng/get-involved/make-a-donation/

Account Details
Acc. Name: Health Emergency Initiative
Acc. Number: 0060048591
Sterling Bank


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