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Youth against Substance Abuse in Nigeria

Do you know for every youth there are about 10 teenagers looking forward to become like them? World Health Organization (WHO) 2018 Statistics report shows that 70 per cent of Nigerian youths are involved in drug abuse this is quite alarming. The use of drugs and its substances must be curbed and our youth needs […]

Dialogue for Promoting an all- Inclusive Nigeria

Health Emergency Initiative participated in a dialogue for promoting an all-inclusive Nigeria. During the dialogue, a major correction has was been put to the public that ‘persons with disabilities’ shouldn’t be addressed as ‘physical challenged persons’ because they have abilities of great innovations and have a lot to offer.   A member of the United Nations  […]

Empowering Youth Leaders to Curb Substance Abuse

Empowering Youth Leaders to Curb Substance Abuse in Nigeria addresses Substance Abuse in Nigeria by empowering youth leaders in the country. Youths are targeted because of their strategic roles in influencing their peers. The goal of the project is to significantly reduce substance abuse among youths in Nigeria. The project comprises a mass sensitization campaign, […]

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