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To address the public apathy in pre-hospital emergency care and stimulate public interest, Health Emergency Initiative proposes a First Responders (FRs) Scheme to create a community/network of volunteers trained to attend to certain kinds of emergencies and provide the right care at the right time with the right skills.

This is a volunteer-driven scheme that certifies volunteers to become FIRST RESPONDERS (FR’s) after they have demonstrated their willingness to help victims needing emergency care in the society.

The first response is the immediate treatment or care given to someone suffering from an injury or illness until more advanced care is accessed or they recover. The provision of prompt and appropriate first aid or Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation can reduce the severity of an injury or illness; and in extreme cases, could mean the difference between life and death.

Course Aim:

This one day Basic First Responder course equips the learner with the knowledge, practical skills & understanding required to provide appropriate first-aid treatment

Learning Objectives:

On completion of this course, learners will be;

  • Able to understand their new responsibilities of an emergency First Responder
  • Able to provide appropriate treatment for the purpose of preserving life
  • Able to minimize the consequences of injury until the arrival of medical assistance
  • Able to provide appropriate treatment for an injury which does not require the attention of a medical practitioner or nurse
  • Familiar with health & safety legislation on first aid (e.g. Contents of First Aid Box)

Course Programme:

  • Assess a situation (scene, casualty or casualties) quickly & safely
  • Role & Functions of a First Aider
  • Arrange for medical help (Doctor, Cardiac Ambulance, etc) if required
  • Treating the most serious conditions first
  • CPR
  • Other first aid information (e.g. Poisoning, Treatment of Burns, etc….)
  • Who Should Attend?
  • This course is specifically designed for those individuals with an interest in becoming a qualified First Responder


Advanced First Respond’s Training

  1. Administering First Aid
  2. Administering CPR
  3. How to handle fractures
  4. How to handle bleeding of any form and an unconscious victim
  5. How to use Defibrillator and ECG machine
  6. Crowd control
  7. International Certification
  8. An ID card with unique code encrypted
  9. First Aid kits
  10. Reflector Vest

Basic First Responder’s Training

  1. Administration of First Aid
  2. Administration of CPR
  3. Certificate of participation
  4. First Aid kits
  5. Reflector vest


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