He has hit him; don’t let him run away…
Segun (not real name) a member of the Nigeria Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was heading to his CDS meeting when a car knocks him down by the roadside around Orile. The driver zoomed off without care while Segun was lying on the road unconscious. People surrounded him making different comments and taking pictures but none of them thought of calling for help.
A man drove past the scene of the incident saw people gathered and sobbing in tears. Immediately the man saw a body lying on the floor in an unconscious state he parked his car, then rushed to the scene of the incident and called the Lagos State Emergency Helpline. Within few minutes an ambulance arrived and Segun was rushed to the hospital.
Segun sustained a head injury and was unconscious for a few days. Health Emergency Initiative (HEI), a non-governmental organization that provides succor to indigent patients was called upon to intervene by providing funds for Segun’s head examination after which he was resuscitated.
A lot of lives have been lost in similar scenes, some others get instant assistance to reach the hospital in time but do not have funds to pay their hospital bills.
Our None Should Die project at HEI focuses on providing succor to road traffic accident victims.

Join us in saving more lives today. Your donation will save the lives of vulnerable accident victims.

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Account Name: Health Emergency Initiative
Account Number: 00600344293

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