We all can be heroes without any need for superhuman qualities. Being human is already an extraordinary gift to mankind and when harness properly we all can help save the world in our sphere.

Often times seemingly normal/ regular days become chaotic within a blink of an eye and bang! there is an emergency. In times like this, everyone or anyone at the emergency scene has a natural human tendency of helping in whatever way. So, this calls that we all can be first/emergency responders if we allow ourselves to harness the extraordinary gift of being human where ever we

Here are 5 basic characteristics of being an emergency/first responder, a hero:

1. Willingness to help:

Individuals who hold a volunteer spirit wake up every day to help others. They can persevere for the purpose of helping others live better. They cannot stay indifferent or unconcerned in a dire situation and not try to help. They always seek to make our communities and the world a better place.

2. Commitment to health:

Whether they are hauling 100 pounds of gear into a burning building, pulling individuals to safety, or doing chest compressions to save a life, first responders have to be ready for everything, physically and mentally. First responders know that they need also to stay healthy in order to be able to help others.

3. Flexibility and adaptability:

First/emergency responders don’t possess superhuman powers hence they cannot control Mother Nature, but they must roll with the punches to offer safety with the resources that they are given. First/emergency responders should be flexible and aim to provide the best of their services, no matter the situation. For instance, during fire emergencies, fire fighters may work for hours and sleep on the side of the road in between shifts. Also, police officers must be ready to act quickly no matter what their calls may bring.

4. Eager to learn:

First/emergency responders must stay aware of the newest techniques and technologies to stay relevant in their field. Every bit of valuable information counts in saving time and lives during emergencies. They should network with others in their industries; enrol in further courses in their departments to enhance their efficiency.  First/emergency responders need to be always prepared to help their communities.

5. Self-less:

Whether we like or not, emergency happen every day and in these occasions first/emergency  responders put their lives on the line for their communities, loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers. They put themselves in the line of fire (sometimes literally) for others they barely know. First responders are never self-centered, and they put others before themselves.

At Health Emergency Initiative (HEI), we recognise that first/emergency responders are the vital to the sanity and safety of our communities. Register/sponsor First Responders training today at HEI First Responders Training Scheme and let’s make more heroes in our society.

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