Give way to Emergency Vehicles

Every second count when emergency agencies are called out to an incident, which is why it is vital for people to give way safely when an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance, fire truck, etc approaches. Try to accommodate emergency vehicles; this included lane changes and other maneuvers like reversing.

When one approaches, do not panic. Consider the route of such a vehicle and take appropriate action to let it pass, while complying with all traffic signs. If necessary, pull to the side of the road and stop. Do not endanger yourself, other road users or pedestrians and avoid mounting the covert. Do not brake harshly on approach to a junction or roundabout, as the following vehicle may not have the same view as you.

Kindly note that emergency vehicle drivers are specially trained and have exemptions to the law that you don’t have, so you must not go through red lights or speed to allow them to pass.

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