Fight Covid

Efforts are being made for effective control measures to fight Covid-19, however it is important to stay healthy and intentionally boost the body’s immune system.

The immune system protects us from disease caused by bacteria, viruses and toxins, and helps remove foreign bodies and malignant cells from our system. In addition, the immune system is responsible for down-regulating immune responses against external harmless triggers such as food, or against the bodies’ own tissue. Your immune system is made up of different types of cells, molecules and antibodies.

The 3 main things that can boost your immune system are healthy feeding, adequate sleep and regular exercise. It’s worthy to note that the control measure of social distancing affords you the time to explore the 3 means of boosting your immune system. In the midst of all of these, it can not be over-emphasised that you do not panic or cause yourself stress over Covid-19.

If you are under tremendous psychological stress then your adrenaline and cortisol will be high and this too could have effect on your immunity. The best deal to boost your immune system is to eat a range of foods that contains Vitamins A,  B,  C, D, E and the minerals iron, zinc and selenium.

So, now is the time more than ever before that you should intentionally invest in boosting your immune system. The infographic above has been specifically designed to guide you through your healthy eating choices to boost your immunity against Covid-19 infection.

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) works and uphold THAT NONE SHOULD DIE, hence we enjoin you to keep to the rule of social distancing. Follow HEI across social media platforms for safety measures and Covid-19 updates.




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