8 Out Of 10 Emergency patients die because they cannot afford to pay their medical bills…

We assist these set of patients by paying their medical bills for them to get quality healthcare so they can live and “That None Should Die…

100% Of your donation pays Emergency medical bills for Indigent and vulnerable Patients in Public health institutions. Our operating costs are covered by surplus and sustainability fees generated from training and other advocacy services.


Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) was recognized by the Lagos State Health Service Commission Medical Social Services Department as the BEST SUPPORTING NGO for her lifesaving efforts to swiftly providing financial assistance to indigent/vulnerable patients in almost all the government hospital in Lagos State.

As HEI scales higher, we pledge to serve humanity more through swift provision of funds to more indigent/vulnerable patients who are in emergency situations  in public health institutions.

You are welcome to EMERGE with us.

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) stepped in to help fight for the only surviving child(Testmony Julius) out of 4 children who had fire accident. 

We are glad that Testimony is hale and hearty now. He has been discharged and he is doing well. 


250 lives could get saved monthly if you join us and donate.

Health Emergency Initiative(HEI) works THAT NONE SHOULD DIE by providing financial assistance to indigent patients in public hospitals.

FRSC Assistant Corp Marshal  Hyginus Omeje Endorses Health Emergency Initiative(HEI)

Health Emergency Initiative provides post-crash care to road traffic emergency victims because we work and uphold THAT NONE SHOULD DIE. We collaborate with FRSC officials to save more lives by swiftly providing financial assistance to road traffic accidents victims.

HEI has over 600 medical interventions in her records and we look forward to doing more to saving lives, increasing people’s chances of surviving emergencies to live, smile and fulfill their beautiful dreams.

Support  HEI lifesaving mission and save a LIFE now! 

Your N500 donation or more can save a life!



Faithfully serving humanity to renewing people's chances of living

Dr. Onuekwusi, HEI’s Chairman Board of Trustees, who was a past Board Chairman of the Management Board of Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Lagos speaks about HEI’s lifesaving impacts in Nigeria’s Health system. 

“The society has a responsibility to make adjustments to and then provide for the most under privileged in that community.” 

Join HEI and let’s save more lives.

Together, we can do more.

Save a life today!!!



Get updates on how we spend your donation… We love to keep ourselves accountable.100% Of Your Money Pays Emergency Medical Bills For Indigent Patients.

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