Happy International Charity Day!

It’s International Charity Day, today actually incurs the Christmas spirit of giving. Knowing we are 111 days away from Christmas day, this day 5th September may be tagged “Introduction/induction to Christmas”, a day specially recognised for giving to the society and help to make the world a better place.

The International Day of Charity was originally a Hungarian civil society idea to commemorate the anniversary of Mother Theresa’s death. The United Nations General Assembly made this commemoration an annual international event in 2012. International Charity Day focuses on enhancing visibility, organising special events, increasing solidarity, social responsibility and public support.

The overall goal of the International Charity Day is PAYING IT FORWARD where you can reach out to the less privileged, indigents people without expecting any good deed in return. Looking for a channel of PAYING IT FORWARD? EMERGE with us in saving lives by volunteer or  donation

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