• self rescue for road accident victimBe calm: Natural instinct makes panic the first and prevailing response in an accident scene. However, so as not to aggravate the situation and safely rescue yourself, you need to be calm. As soon as you realize you are conscious breathe in and breathe out for a couple of times. Let your mind be coordinated so you will be able to take decisions that could dictate life or death.
  • Detach yourself: You need to be careful at this juncture because in most accident scenes, there is high rate of probability that you might be trapped or hurdled in an uncomfortable position. Gently attempt to rid yourself from any entrapment. Don’t try to struggle or force any part of your body from any entrapment as you don’t want to have any part of your body broken or severely damaged.
  •  Locate your identity papers or personal documents: We are thankful that at the moment you are conscious but we are not too sure of what the following minute holds for you. So, before you get carried away in getting yourself freed from any accident entrapment, take any form of identity papers you currently have with you.
  • Escape from the accident scene: As soon as you have your identity papers with you and you are free from every entrapment, smartly escape from the accident scene because there could be danger of fire or dangerous leaks.Seek refuge at a sufficient distance.
  • Alert the rescue services: Make efforts to reach out to rescue services providers and give them the exact location and nature of the accident, the type of vehicle involved, the likely number of victims and the prevailing state of the victims.

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