Be a true super hero that you are meant to be.

‘In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers’ King Tchala (Black Panther).

August 2020 ended with diverse heartbreaking news amongst which is Chadwick Boseman’s demise. He died leaving with us life lessons that shouldn’t be forgotten in generations to come as his relentless heart of love and impacts didn’t waver even while he was silently battling with cancer. He was not only a superhero in the movie Black Panther, but he was also a real-life super hero to many till the end.

Another shocking news that hit Lagos, Nigeria was the helicopter crash that happened at Salvation Army Road, Opebi Lagos which left 2 dead.  While the heroic act of Chika, the helicopter’s pilot is laudable, same cannot be said of the onlookers or the disposition towards emergency response at the accident scene.

There were reports that some onlookers looted at the emergency scene while some simply made videos for posting on social media. It was obvious that people’s disposition towards emergency response in Nigeria is poor and as a nation or organised society we are yet to be well fully equipped with rapid emergency system.

HEI as an advocate of effective emergency response equips people to be certified First Responders who can doubly increase emergency victims’ survival. Presently, another series of First Responders training has resumed, and the feedback has been fulfilling for us.

The recent happening reiterates that more people need to be equipped with First Responders skills so that the uncommendable disposition of onlookers during emergency can be changed and people can be lifesavers during emergencies.

It is sad to note that if there is an occurrence of emergency again, we may keep going through the same cycle of ineffective emergency operations thereby losing more lives that could have been prevented from dying. You can join HEI to make more lifesaving difference by sponsoring your friends, family or colleagues for First Responders’ training.

Enough of whining of how poor the system is,Join HEI in changing the narrative and let usequip more people to be lifesavers.

We all can be Super heroes! Super heroes are most relevant in emergencies.
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