health Emergency Initiative

Have you ever wondered how little gestures actually make the difference, how little drops of water make a big ocean or how droplets of rain results to heavy flood? The reason is consistency. Being consistent in any venture or task makes for lifetime impact.

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) since 2015 has been consistently coming through for indigent patients and saving lives in diverse emergency situations with LOVE as the unfailing source of consistency in this assignment of providing succour to indigent patients. Testimony Julius, the victims of the BRT bus/ Dangote Truck collision, the hit and run victim, accident victim around Sheraton hotel Ikeja, 6 year old diagnosed of Malaria and Meningitis are few of the many near-death patients that HEI has helped to be survivors.

All of these and many more are accomplished as a result of generous donors and volunteers who have been consistently giving to a noble of saving lives and their beautiful dreams. There is always a way to make the difference and impact the world, there is no small giving as every penny, smile, touch, attention or care that consistently comes from a heart of LOVE  actually makes the big difference of making the world a better place. You are heartily welcome to EMERGE with us at Health Emergency Initiative as a donor or volunteer in the quest of saving lives and their beautiful dreams.



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