Have you heard of the budding health threat in Nigeria apart from Covid-19? In recent times, there have been increased frequency of deaths  attributable to cardiac arrests. Cardiologists have expressed concerns that cardiac arrest –related deaths among Nigerians may be more common than previous thoughts.

In recent times, particularly since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, cardiac arrest has continuously become a noticeable cause of medical concern, whereby people who appear physically healthy, suddenly slump and die.

Cardiac arrest often occurs in individuals between the ages of 28 and 80 years. Hypertensive heart disease and acute left ventricular are the most common causes of cardiac arrest related -deaths. Hypertension is a commonly encountered, important, and major public health concern globally.

As citizens of a country such as Nigeria, we can help mitigate these cardiac arrest deaths by being skilled with effective First Responder skills. You can’t be sure that the person beside you is 100% healthy, hence this places a responsibility on you to be equipped with the lifesaving First Responders skills.

It is not enough or effective that you are the only First Responder in your sphere. It is important that the scope of trained First Responders needs to grow wider across families, organizations, associations and in Nigeria as a nation. We can all be of help to one another and save one another’s lives if we are all trained First Responder.

It’s time to hop in to the First Responders lifesaving train. Be a First Responder and help someone else to be a First Responder by signing up/sponsoring HEI First Responders training, call 07063985777 or send mail to info@hei.org.ng

This is a mission to help one another stay alive, let’s do this!

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