quarantine lessonLockdown has been extended and the quarantine continues. What are your quarantine lessons? Worrying about the ongoing covid-19 crisis can do little or nothing to make the situation better however we can look forward to the post-covid-19 world. As we look forward to a covid-19 free world, it’s better to be adequately prepared for the demands it will bring.

While the health workers are at the frontline fighting the pandemic, you and I can maximise this stay-at-home-season by taking free online courses that will be relevant to the demands of the post covid-19 world. Here are some skills and the online free courses you can explore in this quarantine.

Skill 1: Content Marketing

You can learn how to maximise the power of content through these courses.

Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content by Coursera

Business Blogging by HubSpot Academy

Skill 2: Social Media Marketing

Learn how to do more than likes, comment and repost with your social media accounts. Explore these free courses

 Introduction to Social Media Strategy by Skillshare/Buffer

Video Storytelling for Social Media by Social Creators

Skill 3: Email Marketing

There’s no underestimating of the power of Emails. Email marketing is a necessity to learn.

Cold Email Masterclass by Mailshake

Email Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy

Skill 4: Fundamental Marketing:

Learn how to attract leads, engaging prospects and delighting customers,

Inbound Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy

Google Analytics for Beginners by Google

Skill 5: SEO

Help your content to get to your target audience, learn SEO

Paid Ads by Google

SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business  by HubSpot Academy

Skill 6: Designs

Create your designs and communicate more attractively

Graphic Design Essentials by HubSpot Academy

Adobe Illustrator for Absolute Beginners by EduOnix

Skill 7: Sales

Pursue your sales goals more effectively

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization by Coursera

Sales Prospecting Advanced Techniques by SalesScripter

Skill 8: Ecommerce

Learn how to find products you can sell and build your brand.

Dropshipping 101 by Shopify Academy

Email marketing for Ecommerce by Skillshare

Skill 9: Coding &Developer

Online coding tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions, immediate feedback,

 Learn to Code by Codecademy

Machine Learning by Coursera

Skill 10: Personal and Professional Development Courses

Take strides to get your A-game on. These abilities will be a great boost for both your career and personal relationships.

 Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking by Udemy

Communication Skills – Persuasion and Motivation by Alison

HEI continues to faithfully commits to saving lives even in this trying time of global health crisis. You are welcome to support HEI in the provision of PPE for our health workers at the frontline fighting Covid-19







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