First Aid treatment can save a dying road accident victim

Global status report on road safety 2018, launched by WHO in December 2018, highlights that the number of annual road traffic deaths has reached 1.35 million. Road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of people aged 5-29 years.
Imagine this scenario; Benji and his colleagues were heading home after IFTAR, they were engrossed with discussion from the lecture which got them talking aloud on the street when a motorcyclist ran into them. They all fled due the noise from the accident, they saw each other few seconds after the accident and was happy none of the got injured.
They quickly rushed back to the scene where they noticed the bike mans is okay but the passenger was critically injured. At that moment, there was nobody who knew how to administer First Aid and the passenger was losing blood and people are reaching out to get help.
Benji’s Aunty who was passing by saw the victim. She rushed down, showed her Identity card and administered First Aid treatment on the patient. The patient was resuscitated before an ambulance eventually arrived all because someone invested her time to become a certified First Responder.
No one ever plans for emergency but yet it happens. You might be the only saving grace at accident scene, learn to save lives REGISTER to become a certified First responder today.

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