Too many noble persons and entities have earned their way to stardom and annual celebration- such is The Pen. Capturing a great part of the culture, passions and thought life of the world before us, The Pen has carved an almost irreplaceable niche for itself. Amidst the rise and wane of kingdoms and dogmas and even in this technology age, it has perjured in preserving the past and extant life for posterity.
The pen is second, however, to love expressed in that it is ineloquent enough to capture or convey the pains and emotions expressed at a time. The ink fades too, and even when clear it may convey different meanings to different minds thus undermining its initial intention. However, the little act of kindness shown to the needy will remain engraved on the table of their hearts and transferred,unabridged, to generations unborn. Donate to save a life today: When we extend a loving hand to those within and beyond our reach, we leave an eternal print that the winds of time will never wash away.

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Acc. Name: Health Emergency Initiative
Acc. Number: 0060048591
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