HEI emergency response in NIgeria

In the past, ambulances in Nigeria were known to be used by undertakers’ services and not for conveying emergency victims, until an oil company in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria started an ambulance system of emergency response for conveying their emergency staff to the hospital.

Emergency Medical Services was officially introduced to Lagos State in the early 90s by Tokaro, a division of an Israeli business group. Then, in 2001 the Lagos State Government started its first attempt to implement EMS Followed by Rivers State Government in 2002 and other states such as Ondo, Enugu, Ogun, Delta, Akwa Ibom and FCT Abuja joined in making Emergency Services work.

It is commendable that emergency response is gradually getting the attention it deserves in Nigeria and in some other states especially Lagos.  The introduction of federal emergency number 122 for FRSC, 767 and 112 for Lagos state emergency numbers, provision of ambulances and emergency service stations are laudable howbeit there are more milestones in terms of infrastructures, policies that need to be set aright to make emergency response quick and effective as expected.

The society’s operational function can be achieved when individuals, corporate organisations and the government awake to their roles and responsibilities. Hence, to promote emergency response, there is a need for trained emergency responders in every community, family, association and gathering.

Each passing second, minute has a life or death impact to an emergency victim; you need not to be clueless on what you can do to save a life. Everyone has a responsibility of being a first responder and to be certified is of utmost importance.

Join HEI in changing the narrative and making great history of saving lives.

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