Mr Jide and his family travelled for his sister’s wedding at Ijebu Ode, on their way back to Lagos when they got to Abeokuta, they had an accident. Mr Jide being a Lagosian knows Lagos’ 112 and 767 emergency helplines but didn’t have a clue of any emergency helplines outside Lagos nor the first aid care of how to attend to his injured wife who was not using seat belt at the time of the accident and his son Ope, a 5 years old boy notable for always hopping around. Mr Jide managed to escape serious injury while his daughter Tosin was unhurt as she was sleeping at the time of the accident and had no idea of what really happened.

Before, he could get the necessary help needed from other road users and the Federal Road Safety Corps his wife Ariyike was gasping for breathing while his son had lost consciousness. By the time, the critically injured mother and son got to the hospital, Ariyike was dead on arrival while Ope gained consciousness after some days.

It is important to always be safety conscious at every situation, Ariyike has no justification whatsoever for not using her seat belt and Mr Jide should have reminded her to use it. Furthermore, Mr Jide could have managed to save his beloved wife’s life if he knew the  emergency helplines of his location and had knowledge of first aid treatment.

Hence, Health Emergency Initiative in the plight that NONE SHOULD DIE hereby gives a catalogue of the helplines across Nigeria. You can EMERGE with us by donation or volunteer.


Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)  122 or 07002255372.


Police Emergency Phone Numbers  01-4931260, 01-4978899.



Inspector General of Police (IGP) 0805966666 (SMS only).


Lagos Emergency Service (This covers Police, Ambulance, and Traffic Service).


112 or 767
Fire/Safety Services                                                                                08033234943, 08023321770


Child Domestic Violence  08107572829, 08131643208.


Violation of Girls and Women helpline 0800072732255


Rape helpline 080072732255


State Security Service (SSS) 08132222105–9.


Depression/Suicide Prevention Initiative 08062106493,08092106493, 09080217555,09034400009, 08111909909, 07013811143.


Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)       


08075005411,0802311742, 08023909364 (Emergency Numbers) 08029228271(GM); 08023386921(Provost).
FRSC Zonal Office (Lagos State)                                               08033706639, 01-7742771.


Child Abuse helpline (Lagos State)    08085753932, 08102678442.


Domestic Violence (Lagos State)  08057542266, 08102678443.


Rapid Response Squad (RRS)    08056250710, 08033482380, 08023127350, 08033355544, 017750715, 014970389, 014970062


LASAMBUS/LASEMS(Ambulance Service) 08022887777,08022883678, 08022887788, 01-7413744, 01-7930490, 01-7639939
Distressed/Collapsed Building (LASPPDA)  


01-5931947, 4933658, 4931940, 7630854
Lagos State Safety Commission                      


0808-100-2233 (office Line) , 0803-561-8669 (DG Line)




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