We surely miss this luxury that we had once taken for granted.!

Last week Saturday, Health Emergency Initiative had her strategy meeting with some of the brightest minds in the country as they volunteered their time, expertise and insights to chart a progressive course for HEI in this year 2021.

Last year, we had the luxury of having a physical strategy meeting, but this year due to the undeniable presence of Covid-19 HEI had her first ever virtual meeting this year and it was nothing less than a highly effective strategy meeting. So fam, watch out! HEI grows in leaps and bounds this year 2021.

‘What someone takes for granted is what some people are fighting for’….culled from Life in a Year movie. Isn’t this so true? To realize that early last year, it was alright to have physical meetings, network, ignite friendships and purpose-enhancing relationships, shake hands and exchange hugs. However, all these no longer happen physically but now virtually, how things change. No thanks to Covid-19.

It’s an obvious observation that a lot of people in Nigeria disregard the Covid-19 safety measures even in the face of clear evidences that Covid-19 is actively present in Nigeria. Less than 40% of the populace use face masks wash their hands, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers and social distancing rules are given little or no regard at all.

While we recognized the luxury of physical associations, we also recognize the luxurious importance of life and we remind you to adhere to the Covid-19 safety precautions. You are priceless and you matter to your world much more than you can imagine. Let’s stay alive for one another.

Are you there still thinking of how or when to join HEI in the mission of saving lives?  There is no better time than now and your bit can make a difference. You can use the USSD code *402*8228990988*Amount# or click here to support HEI’s lifesaving mission.

HEI…that none should die!!!

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