Road accidents can happen very quickly, one minute you’re driving peacefully along the road and the next minute, everything has gone downhill. Car accidents can result in injuries, unplanned hospital bills, emotional stress and even loss of lives. As much as accidents are unforeseen and unpredictable events, there are still roles we can play and things we can do to prevent them from occurring frequently.

Causes of road accidents

There are so many causes of car accidents and knowing them would help us understand how to prevent them. They include:

  1. Distracted while driving: distraction can come from anywhere and it’s our responsibility to ensure we remain focused on the road while driving.  you might even be driving and your phone rings or you get a text message that makes you reach out to grab your device, or probably you’re eating while driving or trying to pick an item that fell to your car floor. All these are distractions that can result in road accidents.
  2.  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Drugs and alcohol when taken can affect the reflex and overall functioning of an individual. Substances like these should be avoided if you intend to manage a vehicle as they can affect your control and your overall decision.
  3. Disobeying traffic signs: Traffic lights are present to guide and control movements on the road and prevent head-to-head collisions of automobiles. Red light means stop and nothing more, to avoid car accidents road signs must be strictly adhered to.
  4. Speed driving: Speed limits are there for good reasons, they serve to check your speed range when you’re about to make a sharp turn, or even pass through an irregular road. The faster your driving, the less likely you would be able to react quickly to an impending accident as you might not be able to stop your car quickly enough.
  5. Weather conditions: When driving there are so many conditions that might impair your sight such as rain and fog resulting in car accidents. Rain tends to cause dangerous surfaces that might cause vehicles to spin out of control while braking. While weather conditions cannot be controlled, you can control your driving by being more cautious and careful during such circumstances.

We need to make conscious efforts to avoid and prevent road accidents such as ensuring our cars are in good working conditions by inspecting the brakes, tires, mirrors and lights before every journey. We should also ensure we are in a stable state and clear mind before managing a vehicle. Obeying traffic rules and paying attention to the road would ensure we keep ourselves and the people around us safe even as we drive.

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