A couple had to travel, so they dropped the children with the grandmother who lives at Makoko, Lagos.

At the couple returned, they went to pick their children. On getting home, the three children were seriously sick and were admitted to hospital for medical treatment. The children were diagnosed with meningitis and were severely ill.

Few days after admission at the hospital, one of the children died and the remaining two children were still battling for life even though their parents had exhausted the funds they had and could no longer afford the further medical treatment of the two children.

The hospital’s medical social worker contacted Health Emergency Initiative’s hospital Liason Officer and relayed that the unfortunate situation with him and the need for help to save one of the children’s life. This child needed to do CT scan and the parents could not afford the cost of doing the scan.

Riding on existing goodwill with Afriglobal Medicare, HEI contacted Afriglobal medicare seeking for assistance with the CT scan for the child. Afriglobal Medicare compassionately obliged HEI’s request and the CT scan was done at no cost.  Afterwards, the child’s further medical treatment continued under HEI’s provision of medical intervention. We are glad to share the good news that the child is recuperating and getting better.

What would it have been if intervention had not come it when it did?

This brings us to talking about ‘Altruism’. Batson C.D. said “altruism is part of what it means to be human”. Have you at any point had regard for the welfare of those around you? If you are not sure of what you can do to help others, consider what “something that you can do” is. Because everyone’s life and story is different, you also have a unique way in which you can better the lives of the people around your community. More so, beyond others, the benefit of helping others also extend to us. Our health generally from a holistic point of view burgeons.

Beyond monetary value, there are other strategic ways to help and impact the lives of people around you. One key way is giving yourself to community service/volunteering. Interestingly, there are health benefits of doing these, and they are:

  • Greater happiness/moods- studies have shown that we are at our best of moods when we make time for others. Helping others can give a neurological boost and strengthen our bonds, both of which are recipe for long-term happiness.
  • Better pain management- when we connect with others emotionally, there are connecting point for where we share in each other’s pain.
  • Decreased risk of chronic stress, loneliness and depression- researches have shown that people who serve others have reduced levels of depression.
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Greater sense of purpose.

Your resources (time & money) have a voice! Lend them a voice, and help a life. What would be your turning point from here? Volunteer in that role, give your time for that community service and donate to that charitable course.

The fulfilling joy of going the extra mile to help restore hope, life, and love to a family cannot be quantified and we appreciate Afriglobal Medicare and every donor who support HEI lifesaving goals to keep reaching out to indigent patients in public hospitals.

For us at Health Emergency Initiative, working to save lives is our mission we will continue to resiliently pursue this mission. You are always welcome to join us. Simply subscribe to our league of donors by clicking on this link https://hei.org.ng/get-involved/make-a-donation/

Together we can!

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