Prisons and jails generally keep offenders and crime suspects from disrupting the peace of the community; but beyond ensuring the environment is safe for living, they function as a system that rehabilitates, corrects and reform inmates thus preparing them for a sane lifestyle in the society. Essentially, good housing structures, health clinics, and programs that will facilitate rehabilitation, inmate reform are key to running a prison efficiently and realizing its goals.
It is appalling, however, that today, none of our prisons in Nigeria have the requisite facilities to keep up with the increased number of prisoners. The spaces available in most prisons are very small and unhygienic as inmates are compelled to defecate and eat in the same room where they sleep thus increasing their risk of contracting communicable diseases. The Prison controller reported in March 2019 that the number of inmates at Kirikiri Medium prison has increased to 3830.
As a result of the poor living condition experienced by prisoners, HEI organized a prison outreach tagged “Project Joseph” in order to provide drugs and basic health facilities.
A safe Prisoner is a safe Community.

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