More than fifty persons according to figures presented by experts in Nigeria die daily in road crashes or other related emergencies due to lack of timely hospital support.

To reverse this trend, the Federal Road Safety Corp, the Lagos State government and other stakeholders are calling on Nigerians to support the Emergency Health Initiative.

To demonstrate the seriousness of their belief in the course of Health Emergency Initiative efforts in providing succour for road crash and other emergency victims, they embarked on a charity work around Ikeja and environs creating awareness.

The Health emergency initiative works with more than twenty-four public hospitals across Nigeria to provide immediate care for emergency victims within the first twenty four hour before the arrival of relatives at no cost.

The Executive Director Pascal Achunine Said the passion was born out of the need to save lives. For him, the life of any Nigerian is worth more than any amount of money that hospitals will require in the case of any emergency to stabilize patients. read more





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