How to Prepare for Health Emergencies in Nigeria

Health emergencies can strike at any time, and being prepared is the key to reducing their impact. Nigeria has experienced its fair share of health emergencies, including outbreaks of infectious diseases, natural disasters, and man-made crises. In this write-up, we will discuss some steps you can take to prepare for health emergencies in Nigeria. By […]

FRSC Emergency Number – How to Use It Effectively

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is a government agency in Nigeria charged with the responsibility of ensuring road safety and reducing the number of fatalities on Nigerian roads. As part of its efforts to ensure that Nigerians are safe while driving, FRSC has established an emergency number for use in case of any emergencies […]

How our organization is responding to Health Emergencies.

The ultimate goal of the Health Emergency Initiative is to provide emergency victims with lifesaving assistance. As a result, we actively engaged in the following services: Our medical intervention program seeks to reduce mortalities rising from the widespread poverty and destitution in Nigeria. Many segments of the population are under this menace resulting in avoidable […]

The Impact of Health Emergencies on Vulnerable Communities

Health emergencies, such as pandemics and natural disasters, can have a devastating impact on communities, especially those that are already vulnerable.  These events can intensify existing inequalities and overly affect certain groups, such as the poor, elderly, and those with underlying health conditions.  In this write up, we will explore the ways in which health […]

Health Emergencies In Nigeria: How Can I Help Now?

Currently, Nigeria is faced with diverse health issues ranging from Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs, Stroke, Lassa Fever to mention a few which have resulted in over 90,000 deaths in a month. Despite her population Nigeria is lagging in keeping its people alive as there is a great vacuum in the health sector. Factors affecting Health Emergencies […]

Health Awareness: 5 Things Men need to get Check

The state of men’s health is just as critical as their failure to celebrate International Men’s Day. As compared to women, men don’t get regular checkups. There has been a result of many deaths due to irregular concern for their health. The fact that you should visit a hospital for regular checkups does not make […]

Be Kind Wherever Possible: Best 5 Innovative Activities

Being kind to others and making their lives better is an act of kindness. You can form meaningful relationships through it, and you can connect with others. Kindness can be practiced towards other people or towards ourselves, resulting in positive mental, physical changes and reducing stress levels as well as boosting the body’s production of […]

Cancer Awareness Day: Nigerians are strong and surprisingly unaffected

Nigerians are strong and unexpectedly unaffected by Cancer is a false statement. Cancer has remained top of the list of ailments that are indiscriminately reducing the well-being and wholeness of persons across the world, particularly, in developing countries like Nigeria.  In Nigeria, cancer leads to over,000 deaths per annum( 30924 for men and 40 647 […]


While growing, did you ever wonder how babies came to be? And when you came across an adolescent or a woman with menstrual products, I am sure you thought within you: “why is she wearing pampers?” The growth process continued, and sooner than you thought, the need for the use of what seemingly looked like […]