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How HEI Impacts the World

We Are Lifesavers

Health Emergency Initiative  provides emergency medical assistance/care to indigent and/or vulnerable people in public hospitals and communities and support other health related initiatives for the good of humanity and to the glory of GOD

A Global platform to assist the financially challenged to access quality healthcare to the Glory of GOD driven by the Love of JESUS CHRIST.

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Your Next of Kin

We serve as the next of kin to emergency victims when they are rushed to public hospitals. We provide swiftly provide funds for their resuscitation and stabilisation financial 

HEI works and upholds that NONE SHOULD DIE.


We assists to provide Primary health care

Provision of funds for medical attention to emergency victims who  have been diagnosed with non-terminal  illnesses.

We provide post-crash care

We recognise that many lives have been cut short as a result of road traffic accidents. So we work in partnership with the FRSC to ensure that road traffic accident victims are given the adequate medical attention .

We provide first responders training

We organise First Responders trainings that produce effective First Responders who can doubly increase the chances of survival of emergency victims.

We keep Saving lives

We are faithfully committed to saving lives through medical interventions, provision of post -crash care and  First Responders Training.

That None Should Die

We Believe that every life is precious

Every effort HEI makes is channel to saving more live We work to prevent needless deaths, so that people can live to fulfill their beautiful dreams and help to make the world a better place.

Our services

Saving Lives is the goal

Peep View of our impacts

Awarded by the Lagos State Health Commission

First Responders Certificate to FRSC Officer

Medical Outreach

LASTMA Officer in First Responders Training

A beneficiary that was helped to survive fire accident

Walk for life 2.0

Corp Members at Walk for Life 2.0

Community Outreach

HEI founder with representaives of UPS Foundation

Meet Our Partners

we work together

These corporate organisations  support the HEI mission of saving lives and they fund some of our projects 

Sterling Bank

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Together we can save more lives

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