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Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) is a humanitarian nonprofit organisation that is faithfully committed to saving lives by providing swift financial assistance to emergency/vulnerable patients in public health institutions.


Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) is nonprofit humanitarian community of compassionate people standing in the gap for the poorest segment of the Nigerian society, enabling them to obtain life saving medical care in public hospitals.

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our Project team

Paschal Achunine

Executive Director

He is an ardent strategist that ensures processes are duly followed through to achieve results.


Ifeoluwa Oyebisi

Content Creator/ Digital Marketer

A passionate young lady passionate about impacting her world with positive contents.


Olayinka-Layi Adeite

Project Officer

She is responsible for the effective running of the NGO and coordinates project execution


Medical Intervention

Presently, HEI dedicates ‘Project 1 Million’ to providing more medical interventions by providing swift financial assistance to indigent/vulnerable patients in emergency situations in public health institutions. You are welcome to Support HEI Project 1 Million in the task of saving more lives THAT NONE SHOULD DIE.

First Responders Scheme

Health Emergency Initiative(HEI) is steadily changing the narrative of onlookers’ habit of taking pictures or videos at emergency scene rather than help the emergency victims to survive. HEI organises training that provide effective First Responders who can doubly increase the chances of survival of emergency victims.

Post-Crash Care

Road traffic accident has been reported as the biggest killer of youth in Nigeria. Nigeria has been losing a portion of her productive population to needless deaths. Health Emergency Initiative hereby provides post-crash care to road traffic emergency victims


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