On Friday, May 18, 2018, HEI members went on air live to talk about issues of road safety on the program ‘Oga Driver’. facilitated by the Federal Road Safety Corps.

Safer roads campaign is a major part of HEI work and we envision a time when people will begin to have discussions around safe road use.With the ‘None Should Die’ Initiative, HEI supports road accident victims who are unconscious, indigent or have suffered a memory loss.

We see ourselves as the next of kin of that patient when there is an accident, because at that point the patient is vulnerable, especially when we cannot locate the family members.

Working together with the FRSC and the LASAMBUS, HEI ensures that these patients are taken care of when they are taken to public hospitals in Lagos State.

How We are Funded:

During the programme, the question of funding was asked. It is a question we get to answer all the time at HEI. We are dependent on the goodwill of Nigerians. People who believe in what we do, make periodic contributions to our work. Our membership includes a diverse number of individuals and organization.

We encourage everyone to become a part of this, because no matter how small, you can save a life.



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