Where does our Funding come From?

HEI operates by members pooling their individual funds into a dedicated account. Members are free to deposit into the HEI account any amount of their choice without compulsion or coercion. 

How is the account managed?

Our account is managed judiciously following strict quality management principles, lean concepts and accountability.

Are there any New Sources of income?

Till date, the principal source of funding is monthly/quarterly/periodic contributions/donations by members who felt inspired by the various ways the Group has touched the life of indigent patients.  These contributions range from as low as N1,000.00 a month to N50,000.00 or more monthly on a voluntary basis.

How transparent is HEI?

To enhance financial integrity, a quarterly financial report is generated and shared among members. It captures details of income, expenditure and cash/bank balances. The reports are available for perusal anytime.