Project 1Million

Mrs Frances came to the hospital with her seven years old son, George who was ill, she was told to bring N1500 for George’s anti-tetanus treatment. The concerned mother said she didn’t have the money and requested that her son should be allowed to stay in the hospital while she goes to source for the money, so the boy sat in the reception waiting for his mother.

Mrs Frances sells Akara (Beans Cake), she borrows N1000 per day to make her Akara for the day. After sales, she refunds the N1000 capital. She revolves around the cycle of borrow and refund of capital for herself and son’s survival. So, when she was told to go and get N1500, she went to borrow N1000 as usual, made sales and waited till the next day to get another N1000 out of which she took N500 and added it to the previous day N1000 , she then rushed to the hospital. Getting to the hospital after 24 hours she didn’t see her son where she left him rather she met her son’s corpse.

Due to the unavailability of N1500 for quick treatment of anti-tetanus, the boy was neglected while waiting for the mother and by evening the tetanus infection had already spread through his body when a nurse noticed him, laying on the chair at the hospital’s reception. He was rushed to the ward but it was too late as the boy died in less than 2 minutes afterwards.

George died because of the unavailability of N1500. This is just one of the many painful stories of needless deaths that happens in a poverty- prevalent society like Nigeria. HEI as a nonprofit organisation that passionately upholds THAT NONE SHOULD DIE  provides quick financial assistance to indigent/vulnerabe patients in public hospitals. 

Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) is a not-for-profit organisation that is faithfully committed to providing succour to indigent/vulnerable patients in emergency situation in public health institutions. We EMERGE in emergencies to save lives and their beautiful dreams through swift provision of funds to resuscitate and stabilize emergency patients.

Since its establishment, HEI has intervened to save the lives of over 480 patients and critically injured accident victims in up to 28 public hospitals. We provide immediate medical assistance to indigent and/or vulnerable individuals in public health institutions exposed to minor and life-threatening diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, jaundice, pneumonia, sepsis, one off blood and oxygen transfusion e.t.c usually not exceeding N20,000.00

In furtherance to this and in order to equip Nigerians with knowledge and skills needed to respond to basic emergencies before arrival of the relevant emergency agencies, HEI conducts a specialised training called First Responders Scheme. This training is practically-oriented and it is certified by American Heart Association.

It’s time we helped one another to live and preserve beautiful dreams . Support HEI in this lifesaving quest with your generous token of N500 or more to using the USSD codes:

*737*35*AMOUNT*9527# (for GTBANK account holders)


*402*73710836*AMOUNT# (for other banks account holders)

Thank you. Before you leave here, we also have a gift for you. We have a brochure that gives you step-by-step guide on how you can help a choking person from dying. This brochure is also accompanied with a video to practically guide you. Kindly feel the form below to access your FREE lifesaving brochure.

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